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Tongue Twister Of The Week

1.  Introduce the tongue twister by saying the words slowly.
2.  Write the tongue twister out on a sentence strip.
3.  Take a marker, highlighter, or yellow crayon, and color code the beginning letter or letters creating the multiple beginning sounds.
4.  Ask what he/she notices or hears.
5.  Cut up the words in the  tongue twister, and let the student place back together again.
6.  Student practices saying tongue twister.  Record student saying the tongue twister.
7.  Illustrate the tongue twister.
8.  Make up another tongue twister using the same beginning sound.
9.  Act out the tongue twister.
10.  Change the words around in the tongue twister.
11.  Place sentence strip in a pocket chart and print words on index cards for students to match and reorder.

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