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Shaking Your Head With The Alphabet

Shaking your Head With The Alphabet

By Mrs. Alphabet

Objective: Children will demonstrate how to say yes or no by shaking their head to answer alphabet questions.
Materials: A chart tablet, board, or overhead projector, and a marker.
Procedure: Print random uppercase letters on the chart. Ask yes or no questions. For example is there a B on the chart? Children answer by shaking their heads yes or no.
Variations: Use lowercase letters, digraphs, clusters, rhyming words, names, etc. I like this activity because the whole group is actively involved.

Shaking Your Head With The Alphabet

This is how to play

The answer you cannot say

Only using your head

Not a sound can be said.

When the answer yes shows

Up and down your head goes (model to children this action)

When the answer no is said

Side to side goes your head.(model to children this action)

Now when the teacher asks the question to you

Shake your head up and down or side to side that's new.

Remember not a word can be said

You can only use your head.

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