Mrs. Suzanne Honig

First Grade Teacher

April 10, 1998

Dear Anne,

I am writing this letter out of great respect and admiration for you as an expert in teaching young children to read and write. This year at our school we have started vertical team teaching, which enabled me to teach your kindergartners. Your students have come to first grade with superior knowledge, as compared to my previous first graders entering first grade in reading and writing.

Your system, which you have used to teach your kindergartners, have given them a head start above most first graders starting to read and write. They came to first grade confident and enthusiastic about reading and learning to read. Upon entering first grade, a great majority of your class knew all consonant sounds. They knew their long and short vowel sounds, clusters, and were able to decode unfamiliar words using both sounds, until one made sense. They even knew their blends and ending sounds. In only a short time they progressed through the reading levels fluently and comprehending. Many of your students read fluently upon entering first grade.

Evidence of their knowledge of phonics shows in their writing. My first graders write on a daily basis and are spelling with great confidence. If the word isn’t spelled correctly, they use close approximations.

I am privileged to be part of your vertical team. I am visited by your kindergartners, soon to be my first graders. They share their stories that they have created with me and my students with great enthusiasm and confidence. They have one to one correspondence and are able to go back and decode an unfamiliar word using your system. Your students really love to read and write!

Thank you Anne for creating a system that really works and keeps the children excited about learning to read and write. I look forward to another year with your little readers.

Your Vertical Teammate,

Suzanne Honig

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