October 30, 1996

TO: Anne Lynch, Teacher

FROM: Frank R. Petruzielo

Superintendent of Schools


I recently received a letter from Vicky R. Stephens expressing her gratitude for your dedication to her son, Derek. Mrs. Stephens is very thankful that her son was in your kindergarten class during the 1995-96 school year. Derek has experienced a speech impediment since he was three years old. This impediment caused Derek to be reserved and quiet with other children. During the course of the school year, you worked continuously with Derek on his speech and alphabet. By the end of kindergarten Derek knew the phonic sound of each letter of the alphabet and was beginning to read with confidence. In her letter, Mrs. Stephens paid you the highest compliment stating, "Ms. Lynch possesses the skills along with the heart and soul of the consummate teacher. She looks at each child and finds the inner beauty and builds from there."

Our educational mission is to give our diverse multi-cultural student population equal access to a quality education. To accomplish this goal, we must meet and exceed the expectations of our students and parents. The letter from Mrs. Stephens reflects that you have exceeded her expectations. I commend you for your dedication and commitment to Derek Stephens and the students at Riverglades Elementary.

Frank R. Petruzielo

cc: School Board Members

Amos S. Bonner, Deputy Superintendent, School Operations

Gail Daly, North Area Superintendent

Roberta Insel, Area Director

Andrew Luciani, Area Director

Warren Smith, Principal, Riverglades Elementary

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