Jaclyn M. Cohen

Stoneman Douglas High School

Early Childhood Program

January 8, 1998

Dear Ms. Lynch,

Before I begin my letter I want you to know that it has been an honor working with you these past months. Your teaching methods that I have observed in your classroom have broadened my perspective on child education. You have many ways of making learning fun, but the one that will always be on my mind is Mrs. Alphabet and her family.

By turning letters of the alphabet into imaginary people who live slightly comical lifestyles really made the children eager to read as well as write. The stories that you create are endless and forever original. You encourage them to, as you would say, take a risk and write and they do. I am sure that all your students as well as their teachers to come will be grateful for that priceless skill that you taught them. Since the first day I joined your class I noticed them making an attempt to write even if they only knew what they had written. Now only a few months later I am seeing much improvement in all their writing abilities, even the ones who had never even written their names before.

The things that I have learned from you are endless. There really is no limitation to your imagination. I hope that someday I could be as good a teacher as you are today. I will miss you very much and you are forever in my heart.

Sincerely Yours,

Jaclyn Cohen

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