Mr. Warren Smith

Riverglades Elementary

7400 Parkside Drive

Parkland, Fl. 33067

May 26, 1997

Dear Mr. Smith,

Let me introduce myself as the mom of a kindergartner in your school. I have raised two other children and have volunteered in the classroom almost every year of their lives-first at Coral Park Elementary, then here at Riverglades Elementary.

From the moment my daughter met "Princess Dee," In August of 1996, I knew this would be a very special year for her. "Princess Dee is one of the many characters that Ms. Lynch uses to enhance her teaching program. Kindergarten is a very formative and essential time in a child’s life, and seeing it through the eyes of a child is something Ms. Lynch has the unique ability to do, whether it is with Princess Dee, Smiley Centers, or Mr. and Mrs. Alphabet, the resourcefulness of this teacher is inexhaustible.

The very first day is nerve-wracking for mothers, emotional for children, and busy for teachers. When I entered the classroom that first day, as busy as she was, Ms. Lynch took the time to kneel down and greet my child at eye level. I noticed that she did that for as many (if not all) kids as possible. It was a warm and comfortable entry into an unknown situation. She was extremely well organized, having made special labeling and name tags for each child.

As the year started out, Mr. and Mrs. Alphabet were introduced to the children in a rhyming and hands-on way. Each alphabet sound had a person and motion to go with it. This made learning fun for Marissa. Each day she would come home, excited to show me what she had learned. As the year went on, she was then able to apply those sounds to her reading. She was taught coding, which helped isolate sounds and letters, and learned to read very simply with all these methods.

Aside from the educational process, the other things my daughter has been taught in Ms. Lynch’s class have been of equal or more importance. The ability to be organized, have good homework habits, and mostly, consideration of all others was enforced in an encouraging, loving way. Whenever I worked in the classroom, if there was an inappropriate behavior, it was handled immediately, firmly, with common sense, and with safety and consideration for all kept in mind.

There is one more occurrence I must write about. It exemplifies the tenderness, love, and creativity in this very special teacher. One day, a little girl in the class was dealing with some very emotional issues as there were some deaths in the family. Ms. Lynch not only embraced her, but taught the other children to have compassion and understanding when something is not right in someone else’s life. She was immediately inspired to write the child who was hurting a poem called "The Smile Fairy." Ms. Lynch did not stop there, as most others may have done. She used the opportunity to write a whole book about the Smile Fairy. It is a montage of poems which could tickle the hearts of many children and parents alike. She then went on to make a "Smile" center for the children. Out of the pain of one child, grew an enormous wealth of experience for everybody.

In closing, I feel I have barely touched the surface of what I have seen in the short time I have volunteered in Ms. Lynch’s class. The creativity and ability to bring an educational and loving experience to Kindergartners is exemplary. Her teaching aids have provided such a joyful way for Marissa to get her basic educational requirements. I only wish every child could be exposed to her materials so they may benefit from them. Anybody who experiences her inventiveness would be truly enriched. There is a poem entitled "Everything I Ever Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten." In Ms. Lynch’s class this is more than true.

Thank you for allowing me to tell you about this most extraordinary teacher!



Robin A. Steiner

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