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Poem Of The Week

1.  Introduce the poem by reading and pointing to the words as you model for the children.
2.  Print each sentence on a sentence strip and display in a pocket chart.  Cut apart words in the sentence to put back together.
3.  Enlarge the poem in a poster machine, and display or place where children can easily access to explore and read.
4.  Use a variety of pointers, wikki sticks, post it notes, and gadgets to highlight letters, chunks, and words in the poem.
5.  Add poem to a poetry book so the children can organize, add, and review poems regularly.
6.  Illustrate the poem in the Poetry Book, bulletin board, mural, or class book form.
7.  Encourage children to highlight with a yellow crayon or marker words they can read.
8.  Use poems that integrate with the subject matter you are teaching.
9.  Find the words that rhyme, and highlight them.
10.  Change the poem using other rhyming word families.
11.  Use picture clues next to some words to help children recognize the words.
12.  Reinforce letter recognition by having children find and highlight letters inside words.
13.  Create a sets of words from the poem that can be used for bingo or other word games.
14.  Act out the poem.
15.  Make a transparency of the poem and display on an overhead.   Provide pointers and overhead manipulatives to utilize with the poem.
16.  Make other words from key words in the poem.
17.  Identify word wall words that are in the poem and highlight them.
18.  Review the poems over and over again for mastery.
19.  Let the children read the poem using a flashlight or penlight to shine on each word.
20.  Ask questions about the poem.
21.  When reading the poem pause and have the children fill in the rhyming word.
22.  Locate a word that comes from a word family like can and model how to extend a family of words..
23.  Use sign language to spell some of the words in the poem.
24.  Have the children read a poem to another child.
25.  Tape record the children reading the poem, and play it back.
26.  Encourage the children to write their own poems.

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