Name Activities

By Mrs. Alphabet

During the first week of school I was able to implement my student of the day. I chose one student randomly by picking a name that I had placed on a stick out of a basket. The children were quite impressed with this as all their eyes were wide as saucers viewing the name to see if it was theirs. I colored coded girls pink and boys green so I could rotate girl boy. I have 30 children in my class 16 girls and 14 boys. Believe it or not they love this activity and are engrossed and involved with the group participation. Next week I will begin to describe each activity that I incorporate during this 20-25 minute block of time.

By Carol

I plan to begin second grade with alphabet activities. I have a collection of Alphabet books, will teach some alphabet cheers & songs, and will have students write innovations of "A, my name is Alice", a street rhyme that is in our Scholastic text series. (This was very successful last year as students worked in pairs to create class book pages, using atlases to come up with geographical locations with the same beginning letter as the name they were working with.)

By Becky

One of the things I do with my students first name is to write it on a sentence strip, cut it up and let them put it back together. After they do their name a few times, they trade with the people at their table.
Something else I do (to introduce them to alphabetical order) is to write their first name on clothes pins. I then put the clothes pin with their name on it in alphabetical order on the weekly job chart. If someone new joins our class, we have to figure out where to put their name on our chart.


By Kathy Anne

I teach Kdg. and tried a spin on the Hot Potato game to help us learn our names. The children sit in a circle and pass a cowboy hat around while the music is playing. When the music stops, that student says "Hi, my name is ____." and the class replies, "Howdy, _____." That student then puts their legs out straight to help the teacher know who still needs a turn. Continue until everybody has gotten a western welcome!


By Mrs. Alphabet

If you are close to a Dollar Tree store get in your car quickly and see if they still have the large pompoms for $1 each. The colors are : red, blue, gold, and silver and they have a plastic handle. This past week we added the pompoms to our Student of the Day time block and it was a huge success. I bought 10 to cover the maximum amount of letters in the first names of my students this year! Now when the student of the day calls out their name one letter at a time the cheerleader jumps up, shakes the pompom, and lands on one knee! Sounds like a difficult task for kindergartners and yes we have had some funnies on the way, but the kids loved to get picked for this portion! I have heard via some parents that they are practicing this activity at home using family names and who knows maybe one of them may grow up and be a Miami Dolphins cheerleader someday!


By Pat Onofrio

We read a story in our reading series called "Potluck". In it each person who comes to the potluck brings a food that begins with his/her first initial. After reading the story my students and I plan our own "Potluck". On a specified day, each student(including myself) brings in enough of a food for the class that begins with the first letter of their name. The students determine what they would like to bring in, which gives them practice finding foods that begin with their initial. For example, Vicki brought in veggies (a vegetable tray with dip!) for everyone. Each child receives a portion of everyone's food and we truly have a "Potluck". I also take a picture of each student holding his food before he passes it out to the class. After we finish our "potluck", the students illustrate themselves with their food. On the bottom of each drawing they write their name and what they brought and HOW they brought it. For example, Jessica Jumped in with Jello. I then attach the photos I took to the drawings and we put it together in a large classroom book. The students love the activity and visit the book frequently. We also leave the book out for Parent Night.

By Mrs. Alphabet on

This is a cute poem I wrote to introduce this Your Name activity. The children like the changing voices and the excitement of the fast pace movements.

Your Name
By Mrs. Alphabet

Shout your name very loud
Write your name inside a cloud!
Sing your name like a bird
Whisper your name so it's barely heard.
Spell your name say each letter
Cheer your name for us altogether.
Make an action while you spell for me
Like clap or jump and we'll all copy.
Pull your name out so we hear each sound
We'll hunt for the letters to be found.
Now we know who you are
You are our shining star!


By Susan Youngblut

We have all the children's names in our kindergarten classroom written on tagboard and posted in alphabetical order in our classrooms next to our word walls. The teachers refer to the list of names frequently each day when doing modeled writing or a writing lesson such as "boy" starts with "b" like in "Billy's" name and pointing to the "B" in the child's name.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Objective: Children will work as a team to spell their names.
Materials: 2 pieces of chart paper or 2 sides of a board clearly defined or more depending on how many teams you want to play the game.
Procedure: Teams line up and on the signal race to see which team can print names, run back, and tag next person in line to do the same. The first team that completes this task wins.
Extensions: Use words or last names. Have each child draw a name that is not theirs.

Name Race
Sung To: Twinkle Twinkle
By Mrs. Alphabet

Everyone get ready everyone get set
Time to play the name race with the alphabet!
Each child on the team spells their name
Then tags the next child to do the same!
The first team that is done
Is the team that has won.

How about playing this game with your class? You might want to play outside or save it for a rainy day inside.


By Mrs. Alphabet

What's in a Name? EC/Primary Workshop with Mrs. Alphabet
Tuesday October 13 (9pm E)
What's In a Name? Anne, Mrs. Alphabet hosts to discuss ways to promote early literacy skills using the most powerful word to a child: his/her name. In the Conference Room at http://Teachers.Net/conference
Sponsored by ChildWood Magnets


By Mrs. Alphabet

Children love guessing games try the spelling game to test their phonics and phonemic awareness skills!

Spelling Game
By Mrs. Alphabet

Spell my first name for me
Using some letters from A to Z.
Listen to the sounds that the letters make
Pull out the sounds that’s what it takes.
I have __letters in my name
Can you guess them and play the spelling game?


By Mrs. Alphabet

Tip: Use name tags to play name tag bingo. Have name tags in a basket or container. At a center have children choose four or five names and have them place them in two rows or randomly. Place pretzels, m&m's, or treats on the name tags. As you call the names the children eat the marker or place the markers in a pile. The first person to remove all wins. I let them set up their name tags inside a hula hoop so that their space is defined. They think this is really cool.

Name Tag Bingo
By Mrs. Alphabet

Call a name one by one
Name bingo is so much fun.
Look at the name carefully
Does it match the name you see?

If it does you may eat
The marker that is a treat.
Whoever has no more
Is the winner for sure.


By Mrs. Alphabet

This is a cute game that sparks some critical thinking and phonetic skills!

Name Puzzle
By Mrs. Alphabet

Take each letter in your name
Play the letter association game.
Give each letter a special clue
That tells something about you.
For example you collect angels(a)
You use mousse(m) and gels.
Yo-yos(y) are fun for you to play
Can you guess the letters in this name today?


By Mrs. Alphabet

Add new and creative dimensions for printing names.
Spell and Print
By Mrs. Alphabet

Grant Grant(use any name) spell your name now
Spell it print it show us how.
What did you spell?
Spell it with a roar
Print it on a dinosaur.
Print it inside a rainbow
Print it very very slow
Print it on a cat
Print it on a hat.
Print it very big
Print it on a pig.
Print it on a dog
Print it on a log.
Print it with bubble letters
Print it close together
Print it on a mouse
Print it on a house.
Print it with shaving cream
Print it on a moonbeam.
Print it very small
Print it very tall.
Print it on a bunny
Print it very funny.
Print it with a paintbrush
Print it in oatmeal mush
Print it in cherry red
Or a different color instead.
Print it with a pencil or pen
Print it over and over again.
Each time you print your name
You don’t have to do it the same!
You can find many many ways
To print your name everyday!


By Mrs. Alphabet

I made two games for my class. I used the girls names for one and the boys names for another. This is a really neat site where you can create games for any subject. Check this out: flash cards, matching, concentration, and word search!

I thought you might be interested in this set of games that I created at

Title: Girl names
Title: Boys names
URL: - Create your own learning games!


By Mrs. Alphabet

This is my newest version of Student Of The Day thought I would share this with you.

Prince or Princess
By Anne Walner

At tour classroom today
We celebrate Prince (Princess) day!
You are crowned the special one( place crown on head, cape and wand are optional)
Your party has just begun.

Now stand on your throne(I use a milk carton)
Up there all alone
For today is your wonderful day
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

First we’ll ask 3 questions to you
Answer them for us please do.
One, how do you spell your name(print on chart or paper)
Because that is your fame?
Two, how did you get your name(print on chart or paper)
Because each story is not the same?
Three, what do you like to do(print on chart or paper)
Because we want to learn about you?
Now we will describe you too
So we can draw you with new clues.
Like your color eyes and hair
Your size and what you wear.

Then we’ll cheer loud and clear(you can use movements like jumping up high and pompoms if you wish).
Your name letters that we see and hear.
Next we’ll make a beautiful book
For you to have to read and look.
To remember this very important day
You were crowned Prince(Princess) today!

The book and information teacher recorded are bound together to give to the Prince or Princess. This activity is well received by the participant and the class as everyone is involved with making this a very special learning experience. If we have extra time I extend the questions as the children like asking more personal questions like: Do you have a sister, brother, cat, dog, hamster, goldfish, etc? Or occasionally a child will ask a question like why are you wearing that outfit or other questions that incorporate critical thinking skills? 


By Mrs. Alphabet

Use Unifix cubes to spell names for example my name is Anne so I would use red blue blue green to represent my name. Each color represents a letter of your choice and if that letter repeats you would use the same color. Compare and contrast names and talk about what you notice! Make a name chart describing one characteristic of each student's name.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Name Wall
By Mrs. Alphabet

Look at the names on the wall
Can you read and say them all?
Some are short some are long
Can you sing them like a song?
Say them loud say them clear
So we can clap and give a cheer!
Reading names is hard to do
We are so very proud of you!

Reading names from the name wall can be a very rewarding and success building experience for the children in your class. My kids love to use a flashlight or I have a long pointer with a large hand affixed with the pointer finger projecting out to read the name wall. We keep adding more names to our wall.


By Mrs. Alphabet

By Mrs. Alphabet

Objective: Children identify names by the first letter.

Materials: Music/and or instrument, letters of the alphabet

Procedure: When teacher stops the music children have to freeze on letter and say a name that begins with that letter. Teacher models.

Variations: Use animal names. Make up silly names. Teach the song to introduce the game.

Alpha Name Freeze
Sung To: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Let’s play Alpha Name Freeze
Use first names please!
When you stop on a letter
Say a name that goes together.
Matching the letter and the sound
Shows the link has been found .


By Mrs. Alphabet

Shaving Cream Name Bingo

Objective: Children will print choice of names in shaving cream for Bingo.

Materials: Cookie sheets and shaving cream

Procedure: Children choose 6 names from the class to print on their cookie sheet and teacher or student call names. If child has the name they erase the name from the cookie sheet. The first child to erase all the names wins. This game needs to be fast pace so the shaving cream doesn't disappear.

Extensions: Try less or more names. Use words or letters instead of names. Make the table a big Bingo board by dividing into 6 or less spaces for children to use. If you're hungry use chocolate pudding or frosting instead of shaving cream and of course my favorite would be jelly that squirts for easy printing.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Name Plates:
My class and our fifth grade book buddies made name plates using 1 large graham cracker, a ziploc bag of frosting with a tiny pinhole at the bottom, colored sprinkles, M & M's, and Skittles for each pair. Working together they created a name plate after we brainstormed some ideas and examples. Using their first name they carefully designed an edible name plate that after they shared was quickly eaten and disappeared inside some hungry but happy students.


By Mrs. Alphabet

What Character Am I?
By Mrs. Alphabet

What character am I
Can you guess give a try?
Only questions that reply yes or no
Ask and investigate go go go!
Can you solve the character's name
By answers from this yes or no game?

Choose a book or a set of characters that the children in your class relate to for example Disney characters or characters from Mrs. Wishy Washy or any other storybook characters.

Place names on sentence strips, cut, hole punch, and attach enough yarn to go around a child's neck and place so that the name tag rests on the child's back so the audience can see the name, but not the child who has the necklace on.

The child that has the character's name can ask questions, but the audience can only answer yes or no. Child tries to guess what character's name is hanging on his/her back.

After he/she guesses have them act out, role play, or pantomime.

In addition you can play this game in reverse where child wears the name in the front and the audience asks the questions and the child answers yes or no and the audience guesses who he/she is and the child covers up the sign or turns the character's name towards him/her and flips the name over when they guess correctly.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Character Rhyme
By Mrs. Alphabet

I will give you a special rhyming clue
Listen carefully so you'll know what to do.
I will say a word that's almost the same
Change the first letter to guess the name.
If you have the right guess
I'll shake my head and say yes.

Objective: Children will guess using auditory and rhyming skills.

Materials: Names will be printed on sentence strips or cards and placed in a bag, box, or hat.

Method: Participant chooses cards and gives the first clue a rhyming word for example if the name was Mickey the child could say Bickey. The audience has 3 chances to guess if they guess incorrectly the second clue is given. They get 3 clues and 9 guesses.

Extensions: Use children's, teachers, staff names to play. In addition you can use words, months, holidays, etc.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Name Search
By Mrs. Alphabet

Try to find your classmates name
Play the name search kids game.
Every time you spot a class friend
Color their name from beginning to end.

Look at the bottom to held you find
Names that are different and the same kind.
Crossed them out one at a time for me
Until you finish searching carefully.

To make an online name search go to:

Type in a list of words and the computer will hide them in a grid of letters. Choose the size, set a few options and you are finished.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Color Coding Boys and Girl Names
Noting that Valentine's Day is coming I prepared the children's names on a 30 label sheet framed so that each name could be clearly seen. Then I asked the children to color the girl's names red and the boy's name yellow. I was impressed with how well the children could read their classmates names, sort the gender, and color the names correctly.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Have a naming party for a new mascot that you can send home with a journal so that the children in your class can all share their new friend with their families. Then the child can share the journal with your class.


By Mrs. Alphabet

Interviewing children is a wonderful learning experience for the children in your class. The second semester the children are more mature and discovering new information about their classmates seems more important. Choose a different child each day and have your class ask them questions. I was very surprised at what the children inquired and were curious to find out. I took notes using words and pictures, and then the children went to their tables and wrote and illustrated pictures for the child.


By Mary

To assist the kindergartners in learning to recognize their name in print, I make name cards for each and laminate them. Each morning, I set the cards out and the child finds his/her name card upon entering the classroom. They keep the card for the day to refer to it during name and alphabet games and activities.
Bonus: I learn the names of the students faster when I can see the name cards with the student.

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