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Tell and Spell


Children love to spell words and names. The thought of mastering a skill motivates, challenges, and excites them to achieve. Tell & Spell is designed to reinforce and strengthen phonics skills. Instead of spelling a word using letters, Tell & Spell adds the processes of fine motor coordination, auditory discrimination, and memory. For example the word at, instead of saying a-t, the teller would say Adam-Tina. The child identifies the character with the letter and sound responding by printing the letters a-t. the child gets instant gratification, a feeling of confidence and independence, and immediate reinforcement.

This exercise is to reinforce two letter words by using the first sounds in each name.

Play Tell and Spell With Mrs. Alphabet

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Directions:  If you are right handed use your right pointer finger to print the 2 letters with, and your left palm to print on.  If you are left handed use your left pointer finger to print the 2 letter with, and your right palm to print on.  If you prefer use a paper and pencil to print the first letter.


Tell 2 & Spell

I want to spell

So I can excel.

When words are a game

Learning’s not the same.

I will say names by twos

So you can spell by clues.


adamC_1_small.gif (5367 bytes)    tinaC_small.gif (4234 bytes)

A For Adam T For Tina

AT Spells At



izzieC_small.gif (5467 bytes)  tinaC_small.gif (4234 bytes)

I For Izzie T for Tina

IT Spells IT



bobC_small.gif (3936 bytes)   evec_small.gif (6450 bytes)

B For Bobby E For Eve

BE Spells BE



monsterC_small.gif (5009 bytes)  evec_small.gif (6450 bytes)

M For Monster E For Eve

ME Spells ME



gabec_small.gif (4617 bytes)   oprahC_small.gif (4512 bytes)

G For Gabe O For Oprah

GO Spells GO



happyC_small.gif (5000 bytes)  evec_small.gif (6450 bytes)

H for Happy E For Eve

HE Spells HE


NNNeat Nick-OOOprah

nickC_small.gif (4915 bytes)   oprahC_small.gif (4512 bytes)

N For Neat Nick O For Oprah

NO Spells NO


OOOscar-NNNeat Nick

oscarC_small.gif (4681 bytes)  nickC_small.gif (4915 bytes)

O for Oscar N For Neat Nick

ON Spells ON



sisC_small.gif (5217 bytes)   oprahC_small.gif (4512 bytes)

S for Sis O For Oprah

SO Spells SO



umpC_small.gif (5505 bytes)   sisC_small.gif (5217 bytes)

U For Ump S For Sis

US Spells US



umpC_small.gif (5505 bytes)   peterC_small.gif (5765 bytes)

U For Ump P For Peter

UP Spells UP



wendyC_small.gif (4997 bytes)  evec_small.gif (6450 bytes)

W For Wendy E For Eve

WE Spells WE



izzieC_small.gif (5467 bytes)  felixc_small.gif (5137 bytes)

I For Izzie F For Felix

IF Spells IF



happyC_small.gif (5000 bytes)  idaC_small.gif (4586 bytes)

H For Happy I For Ida

HI Spells HI


IIIzzie-NNNeat Nick

izzieC_small.gif (5467 bytes)  nickC_small.gif (4915 bytes)

I For Izzie N For Neat Nick

IN Spells IN


I told you names by twos

So you could spell by clues.

Printing and reading is fun.

Play "Tell and Spell" everyone.