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Alphabet Songs and Chants

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Mrs. Alphabet’s Intro

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Mr. and Mrs. Alphabet have a big family,

Thirty three children funny and lively.

Named for each letter and sound,

We will keep you spellbound.

In alphabetical order from a to z.

Can you remember them, alphabetically?

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Adam, Amy, and Bobby say "hi!"

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Cindy, Cody, and Dino are shy.

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Eddie, Eve, and Felix smile,

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Gabe, Gina, and Happy have style.

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Ida, Izzie, and jumping JayJay,

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Katie, Lolly, and Monster play.

nickC_small.gif (4915 bytes) oprahC_small.gif (4512 bytes) oscarC_small.gif (4681 bytes)

Neat Nick, Oprah, and Oscar, blastoff,

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Peter, Queenie, and red nosed Rudolph.

sisC_small.gif (5217 bytes)tinaC_small.gif (4234 bytes)umpC_small.gif (5505 bytes)

Sis, Tina, and Ump giggle.

uniC_small.gif (4427 bytes)valC_small.gif (4491 bytes)wendyC_small.gif (4997 bytes)

Uni, Val, and Wendy wiggle.

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Xavier, Yuppie, and Zena are the last three

Of Mr. and Mrs. Alphabet’s large family.


 Mrs. Alphabet’s Theme Song

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Mr. and Mrs. Alphabet have a large family,

Thirty three children from A to Z.

Sing them in alphabetical harmony,

One after another for clarity.

Chant the name phonetically.

Act them out dramatically.

Adult chants: child repeats.

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izzieC_small.gif (5467 bytes)


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nickC_small.gif (4915 bytes)

NNNeat Nick

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  oscarC_small.gif (4681 bytes)


peterC_small.gif (5765 bytes)


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sisC_small.gif (5217 bytes)


tinaC_small.gif (4234 bytes)


umpC_small.gif (5505 bytes)


uniC_small.gif (4427 bytes)


valC_small.gif (4491 bytes)


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All the sounds from A to Z

Are in the names of the family.

Remember the first sounds in the kids name

And play the alphabet name sound game.

Mr. and Mrs. Alphabet have a large family

Thirty three children from A to Z.


 Alpha Puppet Theater


Objectives: Children will identify alphabet character by clues that are given by Mrs. Alphabet, Mr. Alphabet, or alphabet kids puppets. Children will perform their own skits or prescripted songs using the alphabet kids puppets.

Materials: One 3 part project board with a large rectangle cut 6" from the top to create a 17’ long and 12’ high opening for puppets and a set of mounted alphabet puppets colored with song placed on the back, then puppet would be laminated and glued with a craft stick on the back.

Procedure 1: Introduce and model by using puppets and this scripted game to help children to get involved.

Mrs. Alphabet or Mr. Alphabet says:

"Time for the Alphabet Theater quiz

Can you name the mystery kids?

She’s a girl, letter A begins her name (change the gender and/or the letter as game continues).

Who is she play the name sound game?


"He’s a boy, letter A begins his name (change the gender and/ or the letter as the game continues).

Who is he play the name sound game?"

Audience member guesses.

Mrs. Alphabet or Mr. Alphabet respond:

"Yes, that’s right you guessed her/his name

You know how to play the name sound game."


"No, that’s not her/his name

Try again to play the name sound game."

Child with that puppet pops up and says:

"You guessed the right letter of my name

It’s me Adam I have alphabet fame!

Any questions that you would like to know

If not let’s get on with the show!"

Child can sing the song that goes with the character.

Procedure 2: Teacher models impromptu ways to use the puppet theater. Teacher sets limits of how many, how long, and lists rules she wants her class to follow when using the theater.

Hints: I use an alphabet accordian organizer to store puppets in this gives the children the opportunity to find the puppet and return the puppet using the correct letter. Another storage idea is to sew 6 large ziploc bags together, put a letter on the outside, and place the appropriate puppet in the bag. I use this idea for my finger puppets that are sorted by first letter that I also use with the alphabet theater.

Extensions: Use music to have puppets sing songs, invite parents or another class to watch the show, make props for the puppets to use and scenery for a show. Make a tape to use with the characters.

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