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Alphabet Kids

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JayJay The Jumper

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Alphabet Recognition Poems


JayJay’s feet jump noon and night

JayJay jumps to the left, never to the right.


JayJay threw a ball up high

JayJay’s ball hit a dragonfly.

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Name Game

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JayJay the Jumper parachutes

Out of the plane with fancy boots.

Hear the J sound in my name.

J J (make letter sound) JayJay has alphabet fame .

Say JayJay JayJay JayJay

Say J J J (make letter sound

Play the J sound name game.


JayJay jumps out of planes,

Over bumps, into lanes.

Hear the J in my name

(Jump up high)

Play the J sound mime game.

Song Sung To Shortening Bread

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J for JayJay JayJay JayJay

J for JayJay J J J  (make letter sound).


J J (make letter sound) JayJay

Child repeats chant.

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Mrs. Alphabet Talks About JayJay