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Alphabet Kids

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Ida The Ice Skater

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Alphabet Recognition Poems


Ida has a table so she can make

Ice shapes so they won’t break.


Ida stretched up tall and straight

Ida threw an ice ball at her classmate.

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Name Game

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Ida the Ice-Skater glides

Twirls, whirls, and slides.

Hear the I sound in my name

I I (make letter sound) Ida has alphabet fame.

Say Ida Ida Ida

Say I I I (make letter sound).

Play the I sound name game.


Ida ice-skates so gracefully.

Spinning like a top, so beautifully.

Hear the I in my name

(Act like an ice-skater)

Play the I sound mime game.

Song Sung To Shortening Bread

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I for Ida Ida Ida

I for Ida I I I (make letter sound).


I I (make letter sound) Ida

Child repeats chant.

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Mrs. Alphabet Talks About Ida