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Hanging Out The Alphabet


Hanging out the Alphabet:  Sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

By Mrs. Alphabet

Everyone ready everyone set

Time to hang out the alphabet.

Pinning the letters in order

Dangling in an alphabet border.

Can you arrange them for me

In sequence alphabetically?

Objective: Children will demonstrate how to put uppercase letters in alphabetical order.

Materials: Clothesline, clothespins, two chairs, and a set of alphabet cards from A to Z.

Procedure: Tie line(clothesline, heavy string, rope, etc.) on one chair and secure line on another chair creating a clothesline. Mix up alphabet cards so they are in a random order. Give child enough clothespins to hang letters in alphabetical order. Teacher models.

Variations: Use lower case letters or sentences to unscramble. I like this activity in addition to pocket charts as the child has a little more movement then placing in a chart. The clothespins and line offers an extra dimension to the learning process. Make index card or cut up sentence strips with words, use pictures, and/or name cards to sort in alphabetical order. Try large paper clips to fasten. Teach the song to introduce the game.

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