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Things to Glue On The ABC'S

Thank You To Linda Harren and Others:

A:  Ants...the plastic ones you can get through Oriental Trading Co., aluminum
foil, tiny punched out apples, paper apples, acorns, apple jacks cereal

B:  Bubbles...Bubble wrap packaging, Band-aids, birdseed, buttons, bones,
beans, bows tied from ribbon or yarn, bow pasta, bears (teddy grahams or

C:  Cotton, candy, candy corn

D:  Diamonds...Clear rhinestones, dots from paper puncher, or Bingo daubers,
dirt, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur paper punch outs, dog food, dots candy

E:  Easter grass, egg shells, elastic, elbow macaroni, eyeballs, earrings

F:  Feathers, felt, fish stickers, fingerprints, Fruit Loops cereal,

G:  Glitter, gold glitter on green paper

H:  Hearts cut from Ellison die-cut machine, heart stickers, happy faces,
heart stamps, holly, hershey kisses

I:  Insects...plastic insects, pictures of insects, insect stickers, draw
ice cream cones, or icicles, ink

J:  Jewels (old jewelry taken apart or sequins), draw jelly beans, junk

K:  Kite string, kidney beans

L:  Leaves, lace, lima beans, lids, things you'd want for lunch, letter
stamps, shoe laces

M:  Money...play money, material, music shaped macaroni, moon shapes

N:  Nut shells, noodles smashed up, nuts, nickels

O:  Orange objects, cheerios, oval shapes

P:  Pennies. pom poms, pebbles, polka dots or self stick dots, popped
popcorn, pretzels, pasta

Q:  Q-tips-in small pieces or bend, pictures of quarters or stamped from
quarter stamper, draw quilt patterns

R:  Ribbon, rocks, ric rac, red ribbon, rings

S:  Sand, stickers, star stickers, snowflakes, salt, stones, stamps (allow
children to stamp small ones, staples

T:  Toothpicks, tape

U:  Upside-down...glue on a picture of the child, paper punch umbrellas,
drink umbrellas
upside-down.  Or even better, take a picture of them hanging upside down on
the monkey bars and glue that
to the U!

V:  Velvet, velcro, violet paint, Valentine hearts

W:  Worms...fishing worms walnuts

X:  X-ray...milk bones painted white, glued on black, draw x's, or cut up old
pieces of x-rays

Y:  Yarn, Yellow objects, yellow yarn

Z:  Zippers, zoo animal stickers, zigzags (ric rac), zebra stripes,

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