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Alphabet Kids

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Eve The Equalizer

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Alphabet Recognition Poems


Eve opens the window at night

To see the stars shining bright.

Eve stares at the dark evening sky

As Eve gazes the clouds drift by.


Eve has one evil eye

Eve even gives a wink

As Eve goes strolling by.

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Name Game

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Eve the Equalizer makes

Everything even that’s what it takes.

Hear the E sound in my name.

E E (make letter sound) Eve has alphabet fame.

Say Eve Eve Eve

Say E E E (make letter sound).

Play the E sound name game.


Eve likes to make(Hold up two fingers on each hand )  the equal sign;

Even in her wheelchair she does fine.

Hear the E in my name

Play the E sound mime game.

Song Sung To Shortening Bread

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E for Eve Eve Eve

E for Eve E E E (make letter sound).


E E (make letter sound) Eve

Child repeats chant.

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Mrs. Alphabet Talks About Eve