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Birthday Graph and Months

Using Birthday Graphics choose a theme, list the months and then add children's names to graphics and place next to the month they were born.  Ideas:   birthday cakes, presents, goodie bags, or candles.  At the beginning of each month review the graph.  In addition note by using a symbol or sticker children's birthdays for the present month.  Review this poem.

When Is Your Birthday?

By Mrs. Alphabet

Can you remember and say

The month of your birthday?

January, February, or March see

The first quarter would it be?

April, May, June, see

The second quarter maybe?

July, August, or September see

The third quarter possibly?

October, November, or December see

The fourth quarter finally.

Remember the month and the day

So we can celebrate your birthday.


For some techniques and ideas for using this poem:
1. Place a number on one side and corresponding month on the other side of a large poster board or paper 8X11. For example 1 on one side and January on the other 2 on one side and February on the other and continue with this pattern. You could use different colors for each number and the same color for each number and the corresponding month.
2. Pick 12 children from the class to stand in a line displaying the numbers from 1-12.
3. As the children say the poem the child with the number could jump up and turn around displaying the name of the month.
4. These cards could be used to cheer the names of the month too.
5. Make month necklaces that hang from the back where the child can't see the name and the child wearing the necklace has to guess what month he/she is wearing by asking yes or no questions. For example does the month begin with J?
6. Use these cards at a center with an old calendar and see what happens.
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Months of the Year
By Mrs. Alphabet
Use number cards while saying the months starting with 1 and January and continuing.

I can say all the months now
                                                                                   All 12 of them in order that's how.                                           January, February, March, April, and May
Seven more for me to say.
June ,July, August, and September
Now only 3 more to remember
October, November, and December.
                                                        Those are the months of the year                                                                   Let's all get ready and cheer.

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