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Alphabet Kids

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Bobby The Baseball Player

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Alphabet Recognition Poems


Bobby built a snowman one cold day

Be careful it’s beginning to melt away.


Bobby  plays baseball

First comes the wood bat

Then the round ball

Now Bobby slugs a home run

Over the gray stone wall.

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Name Game

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Bobby the Baseball Player

Slams the ball

At the park over the wall.

Hear the B sound in my name

B B (make letter sound) Bobby has alphabet fame.

Say Bobby Bobby Bobby

Say B B B (make letter sound).

Play the B sound name game.


Bobby plays (swing like a ballplayer ) baseball every day

Swings, practices, and plays

Hear the B in my name

Play the B sound mime game.

Song Sung To Shortening Bread

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B for Bobby Bobby Bobby

B for Bobby B B B (make letter sound).


B B (make letter sound) Bobby

Child repeats chant.

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Mrs. Alphabet Talks About Bobby