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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt For Orientation

By Mrs. Alphabet


Look around the classroom for me

To discover what’s here from A to Z.

Checking and exploring  alphabetically.

Practicing and learning where you will be.


Look over the list before school begins

So you can remember and imagine.

Your name and place is in this room

Welcome to our kindergarten classroom.


Check off each box as you find the alphabet clues.

Place answers in the (______).

A: Count the Apples (__)  in the room.  Ablock.jpg (1990 bytes)   

B: Locate the BathroomBblock.jpg (1826 bytes)

C: Find your Cubbie.  Cblock.jpg (1755 bytes)

D: Count the Doors (___) in the classroom?  Dblock.jpg (1913 bytes)  

E: Look for an EraserEblock.jpg (1943 bytes) 

F: Can you locate the FlagFblock.jpg (2043 bytes)

G: Go find a Green crayon.  Gblock.jpg (1835 bytes)

H: How are you going Home (sign list)?  Hblock.jpg (1849 bytes)

I: How much does Ice Cream cost (______)?  Iblock.jpg (2129 bytes)

J: How many children have J names (___)?   Jblock.jpg (1999 bytes) 

K: Find the word KindergartenKblock.jpg (2154 bytes)

L: How much does Lunch cost (_____)?  Lblock.jpg (2004 bytes)

M: How much does Milk cost (_____)?  Mblock.jpg (2016 bytes) 

N: Spot your Name on the Name Wall.  Nblock.jpg (1916 bytes)

O: Open the bathroom door and turn the lights On and OffOblock.jpg (2090 bytes)

P: Locate the kindergarten Playground  Pblock.jpg (2007 bytes)

Q: Write a Question for the Question Box.  Qblock.jpg (2023 bytes)

R: Write down the Room Number (______).  Rblock.jpg (1861 bytes)

S: Find your Supply list.  Sblock.jpg (1678 bytes)   

T: Introduce yourself to your TeacherTblock.jpg (1925 bytes) 

U: Look Up and find the smiley face.  Ublock.jpg (2121 bytes)

V: Vote for your favorite color.  Vblock.jpg (2227 bytes)

W: Hunt for the Water for drinking.  Wblock.jpg (1910 bytes)

X: Find the X in the room.  Xblock.jpg (1855 bytes)

Y: Locate the Yarn in the art center.  Yblock.jpg (1829 bytes)

Z: Look for a green Zero in the room.  Zblock.jpg (1968 bytes)

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