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Amy The Angel

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Alphabet Recognition Poems


Amy’s alien has an A frame house

That she shares with a space mouse.


Amy’s alien’s flying saucer

Landed by a metal pole

Amy’s alien climbed

Out of a bottom hole.

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Name Game

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Amy the Angel sweet angel cake

Wears an apron to cook and bake

Hear the A sound in my name

A A (make letter sound) Amy has alphabet fame.

Say Amy Amy Amy

Say A A A (make letter sound).

Play the A sound name game.


Amy looks like an angel (fly like an angel ) flying through the sky.

All the birds and planes pass her by..

Hear the A in my name

Play the A sound mime game.

Song Sung To Shortening Bread

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A for Amy Amy Amy

A for Amy A A A (make letter sound).


A A (make letter sound) Amy

Child repeats chant.

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Mrs. Alphabet Talks About Amy