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Activity: Alpha-Towers

By Mrs. Alphabet

Objective: Children will build a tower in alphabetical order.

Materials: A set of 26 unifix cubes with the same uppercase letter marked on each side of the cube all the same color. Make 4-6 sets.

Procedure: Teacher explains and models the activity using the poem and one set of unifix cubes.


By Mrs. Alphabet Copyrighted 5/98

Everyone get ready everyone get set

Time to build a tower with the alphabet!

Construct a tall tower

With more alphabet power.

Can you take it apart for me

And put it back alphabetically?

Extensions: For younger children use less letters for example A-E. Display a chart or an alphabet line so children have a visual model. Use lowercase letters. Let 3 or 4 children have a race to see who finishes first. Have children record the time it takes to build the tower and challenge them to beat their time. Have them build the tower from Z to A. Make a set using more then one color!

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