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Alpha Touch

By Mrs. Alphabet

Objective: Child identifies letter while blindfolded.

Materials: Blindfold and feather

Procedure: One child (the assistant) uses feather to draw letter on child's hand (on the palm side) while child is blindfolded. Blindfolded child guesses letter name by the feel of the feather strokes. Assistant tells child if the answer is correct or incorrect. Teacher models the game before children participate.

Variations: Provide other touches like a finger, craft stick, cotton swab, a pretzel stick, an emery board, etc for the writing tool. Use a recording sheet to mark the letters off that the child has answered correctly. Try lower case letters, blends, digraphs, clusters, and words. Teach the song to introduce the game.

Alpha Touch

Sung To: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Let's practice Alpha Touch

You'll like playing very much

A letter is drawn on your hand

Do you think you understand?

Can you guess the letter for me

Even though you can not see?

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