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Alphabet Mystery

Alphabet Mystery

Or After Or Before

By Mrs. Alphabet Copyrighted 5/98

Objective: Children will be able to explain the game and apply the concepts after and before to the alphabet.

Materials: Alphabet Line of upper or lower case letters, red, green, and yellow markers.

Procedure: Teacher explains and models the game using the poem and a puppet or the poem and a student.

I am thinking of a letter between A and Z

Can you solve the mystery for me?

Choose any letter

I'll tell you whether

You guessed the mystery letter or

If your guess comes after or before.

The alphabet makes a line you see (teacher runs finger or pointer from A to Z).

26 letters in a row alphabetically.

Green dot(place a green dot under an after letter guess) means after, guess a letter toward the Z. (point to Z)

Red dot (place red dot under a before letter guess) means before, guess a letter toward the A for me (point to A).

Now try again and look at the clues (point to red and green dots)

If you're right I'll draw a star for you (draw a star with yellow marker under the mystery letter when the child guesses correctly).

Extensions: For younger children use less letters for example A-E. For older children try using without the visual cues and when they guess just say before or after. Try the game with an overhead projector.

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