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Alphabet Hints

Use an alphabet accordion file ( found at stores that carry office supplies) to store alphabet puppets, words, pictures for phonics games, etc. You are modeling alphabetical order, organization, and management techniques for your students.

Engage the alphabet or alphabetical order to call your class to line up! Examples: anyone who's name begins with an A line up, anyone who has the letter that comes after A line up (B), or anyone who has letter A anywhere in their name line up!

Sew together Ziploc bags at the bottom and make Alphabet books just cut paper to fit bag and have children choose a letter and draw a picture to begin with that letter or choose a theme and make an alphabet book to integrate for example: circus: A for acrobatic B for bear C for cotton candy, etc. place picture in bag and zip up.

Utilize an alphabet line to play games and encourage more alphabet sense. For example let's say the alphabet starting with D or L. Implement a variety of voices like loud, whisper, mad etc. to say the alphabet. As you are reciting the alphabet have a child use a pointer or a flashlight to follow along with the class.

When you're teaching how to print a lowercase b and d use these little poems I made up to model. Add a drawing as a visual cue to display in your room.

Lowercase b

First make the long bat (l) Then the round ball (o) Bat, ball, and baseball.

Lowercase d

First make a donut (o) Then a donut dunker (l) Dip the donut dunker kerplunker.

Suggestion: Use this little poem I made up to teach the lowercase b and d. Say and model to the class.

b and d is hard for me I mix them up constantly So now I'll teach myself a trick To see the difference fast and quick.

A circle I make touching my left pointer (finger next to thumb) to my left thumb Middleman (middle finger) sticks up straight and a b will come! A circle I make touching my right pointer (finger next to thumb) to my right thumb Middleman (middle finger) sticks up straight and a d will come!

Create letter card necklaces displaying uppercase on one side and lowercase on another. Punch a hole in the top center and use yarn or ribbon as the necklace. Use a clothesline and clothespins to hang them for easy access. I used red laminated squares and black letters with black ribbon to hang. Use this poem to introduce your student of the day or name activity.

First Name

By Mrs. Alphabet Copyrighted 7/98

All the letters hanging in a line alphabetically

Can you find the letters in your name for me?

Point to the letters in your first name

Are there two letters that are the same?

What does your name look like in print

Let's draw a border to give us a hint?

Now we'll hang your name on a wall

To look at so we can remember it all.

Spell the child's name using the students in your class and the card necklaces. When they come in have them randomly pick letter necklaces to wear. If you have more then 26 some children can be duplicates for example: Adam has 2 A's so if the child picks extra he or she becomes the extra letter in the name. If you do not have enough children let them pick more then one letter. Teacher can pick a student randomly and the teacher can model how to spell the child's name then the appropriate students would stand in line to form name. In addition after modeling how to spell names and having the student standing in front of the class after they sit down the children could try to recall the letters in the name one at a time. If you're playing this game at home use family members, dolls, stuffed animals, or chairs to line up to create the order of the name.

Spell my first name for me

Using some letters form A to Z. I have ___ letters in my name

Can you guess them and play the spelling game?


By Mrs. Alphabet

Objective: Children will select and sort letters from Confetti Shapes, Letters, and Stars.

Materials: Confetti Shapes, Letters, and Stars, (I found them at Wal-Mart) small paper plate, a magnifying glass, and a tweezers.

Procedure: Children are given a magnifying glass and a tweezers and they try to pick up all the letters from the pile on the plate. Teacher models the activity.

Variations: Teacher may provide a recording sheet to check off the letters found. Children could work cooperatively.

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