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Musical Alphabet Chairs

Activity: Musical Alphabet Chairs

By Mrs. Alphabet

Objective: Children can demonstrate how to play Musical Alphabet Chairs.

Materials: Chairs, uppercase letters of the alphabet, music, and container of letters.

Procedure: Every chair has an uppercase letter of the alphabet clearly in view. Teacher plays music and when she stops the music children find a chair to sit in. Teacher then picks a letter or more then one letter and the child sitting with that letter is out of the game. Remove chairs as students are called out. The game continues until only one child is left. Teacher models.

Musical Alphabet Chairs Sung To: I'm a Little Teapot

By Mrs. Alphabet Copyrighted 5/98

Musical alphabet chairs is so much fun

Playing until there is only one.

Calling out a letter look on your chair

You're out if the letter's there.

Extensions: Use lowercase letters, families of words, sight words, digraphs, word wall words, or environmental print instead of letters.

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