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Alphabet Jobs From A To Z

By Mrs. Alphabet


Do you have a special job for me?

Yes, I have jobs from A to Z.

Everyone will have a turn you see

Working jobs alphabetically!


Wherever you start in the alphabet

That’s your job for a week don’t forget

Then you move down the alphabet line

Follow the order as your guideline.


When you finish Z then start at A

Try hard at your job everyday.

For our classroom is important to us

If we work altogether that’s a plus.


Don’t worry if you are not here

We have Xtras do not fear.

Find your name on the alphabet

Now get ready and get set.

For different jobs can be fun

You will get to try each one.


Alphabet Job List

Ablock.jpg (1990 bytes)A for Announcer you call up all

         So we can line up for the hall.


Bblock.jpg (1826 bytes)B for Books keep them neat

       In our library where others meet.


 Cblock.jpg (1755 bytes)C for Cafeteria make sure at lunch

        That we have a well mannered bunch.


Dblock.jpg (1913 bytes)D for Door Holder hold the door

       Until there are kids no more.


Eblock.jpg (1943 bytes)E for Emergency watch the kids outside

       So everyone is safe when they play and ride.


 Fblock.jpg (2043 bytes)F for Folders pass them out by the name

        Be sure the child and name are the same.


Gblock.jpg (1835 bytes)G for Graph help place the names

       For our math and alphabet games.


Hblock.jpg (1849 bytes)H for Hallway waiting for school to begin

       Check our line over and over again.


Iblock.jpg (2129 bytes) I for Ideas that the children would like to share

        Tell the teacher during rest time dear.


Jblock.jpg (1999 bytes)  J for Juice make sure everyone has some

         Or get a box for your kindergarten chum.


Kblock.jpg (2154 bytes)K for Kitchen make sure it’s clean

       There’s a daily inspection and routine.


Lblock.jpg (2004 bytes)L for Line Leader the head of the line

       Showing us the way looking for the signs.


Mblock.jpg (2016 bytes)  M for Messengers always in a pair

          To stay together everywhere.


  Nblock.jpg (1916 bytes)N for No tally to count and record

          How many no’s tally on the board?


Oblock.jpg (2090 bytes)O for On and Off the television and lights

       When we’re not here late afternoon and nights.


Pblock.jpg (2007 bytes)P for Peacemaker get the mat out

       So they can talk peacefully and not shout.


Qblock.jpg (2023 bytes)Q for Questions that you do not understand

        Tell the question person by raising your hand.


Rblock.jpg (1861 bytes)R for Rest time help keep quiet and peace

       Children can rest and noise will cease.


Sblock.jpg (1678 bytes)  S for Student of the week our star

       You shine bright near and far.


Tblock.jpg (1925 bytes)T for Tables neat and in order

       With chairs stacked by the border.


Ublock.jpg (2121 bytes)U for Underlining on our charts

        For letters and words to stand apart.


Vblock.jpg (2227 bytes)V for Volunteer when the teacher in need

        Special things brought to her quickly indeed.


Wblock.jpg (1910 bytes)W for Wall graphs have the gadgets

        In the correct colored baskets.


Xblock.jpg (1855 bytes)X for Xtra in case your not there

       Someone will help and share.


Yblock.jpg (1829 bytes)Y for Yes tally to count and record

        How many yes’s tally on the board.


Zblock.jpg (1968 bytes)Z for Zippers that are hard to zip

        So they won’t break, tear, or rip.

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