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Math/100th Day

By Mrs. Alphabet

100 Second Race
By Mrs. Alphabet

100 seconds you have to race
Run and use a very fast pace.
When the whistle blows stop
We'll see who wins 100 gumdrops.

100 second race
Teacher blows whistle to start using a stop watch she blows whistle after 100 seconds child that has run the furthest wins 100 gumdrops. You can also skip, hop, go backwards, two legged, wheelbarrow, use your imagination!


By Ann Frizzell

We are collecting 100 postcards. We have them displayed around a large world map right inside the front door of the school. The children collecs, cans, etc. for recycling to raise money for the postage.
We also have a 100 chart counting down the days.
On the 100th day we set up centers around the classroom with various 100 activities. For instance we may compare the lengths of 100 paper clips fastened together and 100 link and learn chains. We see what 100 pennies look like. One group will build a construction with 100 wooden blocks. Another group will build a construction with 100 pieces of Lego. Quite often the children have ideas of their own that they would like to do on our 100th day.
Some of the keen children bring 100 collections from home to share with classmates.


By Jennifer

We have 100 snacks. I have available ten different foods (for example, m&m's, skittles, fruit loops, etc.) and the children have to take ten of each food to make 100 snacks. We also make a crown with 100 jewels on it (I got this idea from a book but cannot remember the name of it now).


By Mrs. Alphabet

100th day of school ideas:

1. Make a necklace using 100 beads.

2. Play 100th Day Bingo

3. Estimate and/or Measure
100 cups of water
100 cups of sand
100 ice cubes melted
100 cups of rice
100 cups of flour
100 cups of salt

4. Estimate (to have children make guesses use chalk on sidewalk or toothpicks with flags with initials for outside or masking tape with initials for inside) then Measure
100 shoe laces
100 feet
100 bodies
100 inches
100 hula hoops
100 jump ropes
100 lunch boxes
100 pencils
100 erasers
100 unifix cubes
100 teddy bears
100 toothpicks
100 pipe cleaners
100 crayons
100 markers
100 children
100 teachers
100 boys
100 girls

5. Yes or No Guesstimation
Does the container have 100 objects?
jelly beans
pretzel sticks
rubber bands
pipe cleaners
golf tees
candies of different shapes and sizes
mini marshmallows
popcorn seeds
paper clips
bobby pins
safety pins
magnetic letters
1 blocks
10 blocks
assorted jewelry
sample wallpaper
sheets of paper
post it notes
cotton balls
words on a chart
hole punches

6. 100 Guesstimation
Which container has 100?
use same list as 5.

7a. 100th day displays
100 e-mails
100 post cards
100 stickers
100 books
100 signatures
100 phone numbers
100 words
100 toothpick design
100 lego design
100 piece puzzle
100 pins
100 cotton balls
100 stamps
100 thumbprints
100 hole punches
100 shape design
100 foot prints
100 hand prints
100 balloons
100 pennies
100 candies
100 pretzel sticks
100 dollars
100 nickels
100 dimes
100 toys
100 peg board design

7b. Display Suggestions:
Poster board
ziploc bag
cork board
pencil box
wrapping paper
kraft paper

8. 100 Word Challenge

9. 100 heads or tails

10. 100 number lottery

11. Pin the 1 on the 100

12. 100 obstacle course

13. Count from 1-100

14. Count from 100-1

15. Count by 5’s

16. Count by 10’s

17. Count by 2’s

18. Rewards using special certificates for 100 accomplishments.

100% perfect attendance
100 minutes of reading
100 homework assignments
100 minutes of peer tutoring
100 minutes of community service
100 compliments

19. 100 second story:
Children plan an oral presentation for 100 seconds!

20. Fill in the blanks:
My mom tells me 100 times to_________________

My dad tells me 100 times to__________________

I tell my mom 100 times I want to________________________

I tell my dad 100 times I want to_________________________

My teacher tells me 100 times to____________________

I tell my teacher 100 times I want to_________________

21. My 100 Day Wish List:

22. 100 ways to make 100

23. 100 minute Read-In

24. 100 Game Tic Tac Toe Challenge

25. 100 Second Hula Hoop Challenge

26. 100 Day book
Start on day 1 and pick one picture a day to be in book!

27. 100 day collage

28. 100 dot connection

29. 100 using glitter and paint

30. 100 star constellation

31. 100 objects in picture

32. 100 seconds jumping jacks challenge.

33. 100 second push up challenge.

34. 100 second jump rope challenge.

35. How many times can you write your name in 100 seconds?

36. Surveys using 100 people. Graph the results. For example: Do you put ketchup on your french fries?

37. How many times can you print the alphabet in 100 seconds?

38. Make a cake to celebrate and use 100 candles or 100 m& m's or 100 decorations.

39. Make 100 cookies or cupcakes to donate to a nursing home, hospital, or child center.

40. Send 100 e-mail greeting cards.


By Djinn

100 Days in Kindergarten
Make a fruit loop necklace.
Students place their fruit loops on a 100 numbers grid. then string to make a 100's necklace.

Make 100 using a pretzel log for the 1 and mini-donuts for the 0's.

Compare length: guestimate which will be longer then compare
100 unifix cubes
100 pencils
100 beans
100 crayons
100 Legoes

Make a crown with the number 100 and add 100 stars or stickers.

Make a picture of what you will look like when you are 100 years old.

Graphing: Yes/No
Would you rather eat 100 hamburgers or 100
Would you rather have 100 pennies or 100 dimes?

Challenge: can you read for 100 seconds?
Can you be silent for 100 seconds?
Can you hop, jump for 100 seconds?

Count and compare on balance scale
What weights more?
What weighs less?
100 beans
100 beads
100 grains of rice
100 buttons
100 rubber bands
100 counters

Using 100's grids - make a 100 book.
Fill in your grids using alphabet stampers, stickers, thumbprints, beans, macaroni, stars etc.


By Disney cathy

100 Days Art

Children take 100 of the same item and create a picture or a 3-D object.

Children can create collages using 100 little pieces of colorful paper. The day before the 100th day the children can count their pieces and put in an envelope.

Create a mural of " 100 People We Know and Love."

Have the children create a mural of hand prints. Have each hand represent a group of five, then count and label by 5's to 100.

Have the children count by 10's 100 popsicle sticks. Use these sticks to make sculptures, pictures, or patterns.


Have the children be quiet for 100 seconds!

Cut out 100 footprints before the 100th day. On the 100th day see where 100 footsteps take you as you leave the classroom.

Writing WorkShop

Photocopy a 100 dollar bill at the top of the paper. Have children complete this sentence. If I had 100 dollars I would ______.

The Good Work Award .....for doing your best 100% of the time!

For this special day I always have a cake walk. A wonderful mom always makes a 100th Day cake using the 3 numerals 1 0 0 . The winner of the cake walk shares the cake with everyone at snack time. The cake walk winner receives a book to take home as a real prize.



100th Day balloons!
We get parents to help us blow up 100 balloons. We go to the gym or playground and let our kindergartners play with 100 balloons. We tell them when we are finished we will pop them all, but we must clean up afterwards. The children love this activity! We also blow up one helium balloon per child. We tie a note to the balloon stating that we are celebrating our 100th day of school. We write down our school address and tell the person who finds our balloon to write us back. We have received letters from other states where our balloons have landed.


By Elizabeth Williams

I ask my children to draw a picture of what they will look like at 100 years old. Also, I read them a book about what life was like 100 years ago.

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